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Welcome to our practice, a unique eye care center where the patients are not just a number. All patients are treated from beginning to end by a medical doctor and not passed from technician to technician only to meet their doctor for the final three to five minutes of their visit. We offer a full range of diagnostic procedures and treatments tailored for each individual patient. We perform complete eye exams, cataract surgery, eyelid surgery, glaucoma treatment, laser surgery, diabetic eye care and management, macular degeneration management and many other eye related services. We also offer Botox treatments for facial wrinkles along with several dermal fillers.

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What makes this practice special?

What makes this practice special and sets it apart from other eye care centers is that all of the services are exclusively performed and rendered by Dr. Pourkesali himself. In other words, your doctor takes care of you from A to Z which is something almost unheard of in today’s practice of medicine, especially ophthalmology. Whatever your eye care needs are or the desire for your vision to be, our staff will be happy to set-up an appointment for you to meet Dr. Pourkesali and start taking care of your eyes today.

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