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Dr. Pourkesali specializes in Botox injection for many areas in aging face to reduce the effects that leads to formation of wrinkles and loss of collagen. There is a misconception that Botox is a toxin and can have negative results for the body. It is true that it is a toxin and is derived from bacteria, but it is sterilized, purified and diluted. In reality many medications that help us to live a normal life are “safe and useful” poisons. For example Purple foxglove is a poison that is used as a heart medication (digitalis); Curare is used on poison darts to paralyze people but also used to relax muscles during anesthesia; Willow bark is the precursor to Aspirin which can cause fatal bleeding but is also useful for preventing or minimizing the effects of heart attacks.

Botox is used for both medical conditions like for spastic eyelids as well as for cosmetic treatments. At the doses that are used for cosmetic therapy, Botox is very safe.